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What is Shamanic Healing?: Welcome


 Disease or disharmony occurs when something is missing from  ourselves or when something has entered that should not be there. In our western world  is it all too easy to become disconnected from ourselves, each other and the world we are part of.  Traumas and the stresses of life can leave us wounded and feeling like there is something missing.  Life can feel empty, flat and purposeless with everything feeling like a real effort.    A feeling of,  ‘There must be more to life than this!’ can be a sign that an imbalance has occurred.   These can often lead to compulsive behaviours such as alcohol or drug misuse, an on-going  feeling of exhaustion or a sense of being ‘stuck’


A healing session will determine the imbalance and seek to recover the lost parts or remove the energies that are not serving you. In some ways, it is like restoring you to your originally ‘factory’ settings, where you feel connected, powerful and at peace; as you were meant to be. Shamanic healing can help you say ‘Yes!’ to life and bring you back to a feeling of joy, lightness and the rightness of life.  

A wide variety of techniques may be used to achieve this, including journeying, drumming, singing, feather work, working with plant spirits, smudge, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, energetic balancing, working with ancestral patterns, medicine walks and maybe even an egg massage!    A Shamanic practitioner will use spirit helpers and teachers to help determine the source of the problem is and the best method for resolving this. 

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