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Born in Zambia, I spent most of the first 7 years of my life outdoors running about barefoot in the wildness of nature before moving back to England.   I always felt very much part of the natural world and experience these energies strongly.   I became  a fully qualified schoolteacher  in 1993 and greatly enjoy working with the abundant energy of teenagers and daily teachings offered by my students. 

 I  began working with energy and healing in 1999 with Reiki, and became a Reiki Master in 2004.    Discovering Shamanic work felt very right for me and helped me to crystalise my beliefs about our universe and our place in this.  I began working with Northern Drum in 2007, completing a 3 year Practitioner Training with Chris Luttichau, the founder, going on to deepen my studies and training in the Medicine Lodge and sitting on the Northern Drum Council.   I love doing this work and feel very blessed to have found this path. 

I offer sincere thanks for the integrity of the teachings of Chris Luttichau and the lineage of teachers before him. 

I am a member of the SHC - Shamanic Healers' Circle

I live a  minute's walk away from two beautiful parks and conservation areas and have found many special and private spots to work in.    I also have my own very private outdoor space that is held by the elements and an embracing thatched roof.  

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