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Shamanic Counselling: Services


Access your higher wisdom

Shamanic Counselling can be an incredibly effective tool to allow you explore some of the issues that are blocking you from being who you want to be or just getting in the way of finding true joy.  Working on the level of the sub-conscious and using Shamanic Journeying, together we explore the signs, symbols and messages on your journey to illuminate the question or issues.  This work is often linked with healing sessions that are highlighted in the journey.  Most people find that 3 sessions works well to yield very positive results.  

A session will start with a chat and if this is not a first session, a look at what changes have happened.  You will then be guided on a shamanic journey (you will be taught how to do this).  After the journey, I will help you to explore how the findings of the journey teach you about yourself and your question/situation/issue.  We then look at how to integrate this into life with either a ceremony, healing or another 'assignment'.  

Many people find this to be a better 'way in' in situations where conventional counselling haven't suited them.  

Sessions are £60 an hour

Concessionary rate for low incomes on a sliding scale of  between £45 -£60

Each session has maximum charge of £150

Image - Our Lady of Guadalupe painted by Philippa and property of Philippa Church

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